Waxed Cotton Proofer

Waxed Cotton Proofer


A versatile spray-on waterproofing treatment for all waxed cotton clothing.


  • Restores appearance
  • Durable repellency 
  • Suitable for Barbour
  • Waxed cotton jackets are excellent at keeping out both wind and rain. Unfortunately, even the hardiest jacket will eventually become less weatherproof over time – especially as general wear and tear take their toll. While keeping a jacket clean can help it perform at its best for longer, eventually, it will need a fresh water-repellent treatment.



    This is where Fabsil's Wax Cotton Proofer is your saviour. With this easy-to-use spray-on product you will restore the appearance of your wax clothing and ensure that you stay warm and dry on all adventures!

  • This simple-to-use spray is effective in just four easy steps:


    1. Ensure the item is clean, free from dust and completely dry.
    2. Evenly apply the Waxed Cotton Proofer all over the item.
    3. Rub into the surface using a clean, dry cloth.
    4. Allow to completely dry naturally before use.