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Defending December with Fabsil

Defending December with Fabsil

December is here and temperatures have dramatically dropped after a very mild Autumn. Frosty mornings and icy evenings are very much present, so your outdoor gear needs more care than ever. If you haven’t already, now is definitely the time to dismantle your outdoor furniture and pack it away until those warmer months come around again, saving it from unwanted frost damage. This includes tables and chairs, hammocks and parasols. You’ll want to keep soft-top cars sheltered, preferably in a carport or garage. However, before you pack these items away for the winter, treat them with Fabsil. Our clean, protect and repair products will keep your gear fresh and defended whilst hibernating from the harsh British winter. Furthermore, for the items that still get used during these cold months, such as awnings and tarpaulin, ensure they remain protected with Fabsil.

Cleaning your items will remove all the built-up dirt from the past few months of adventure ensuring that all stains and grime are cleared, keeping them fresher for longer. Fabsil’s Tent + Gear Cleaner and Tent + Awning Cleaner are both excellent cleaners that completely eradicate dirt, restoring the appearance of and refreshing your outdoor gear. Additionally, Fabsil’s Outdoor Wipes are ideal for spot cleaning and targeting specific stains. For larger items, such as family tents and soft-top car roofs, we recommend using the Tent + Gear Cleaner. Once diluted in water, this can be easily applied via a clean cloth or sponge to tackle larger surfaces quickly. Small items can be cleaned with Tent + Awning Cleaner, such as bivvy bags and hammocks. The spray-on application is ideal for targeting small surfaces and areas prone to abrasion.

Cleaning is the perfect preparation for reproofing your outdoor items, defending them against the cold and damp during the winter months. Once your outdoor equipment has been cleaned and is dry, it’s time to get reproofing. Fabsil Gold or Universal Protector are the best in the business for protecting your outdoor gear from stains and damp. Either spray or paint on to get maximum coverage (spray on for smaller, targeted reproofs or paint on for larger items) and leave to dry. It really is that simple. These easy-to-apply durable products will give your gear all the protection it needs, whether it’s packed away or out braving the winter months.

If you’re in the giving spirit this December, Fabsil can make a great stocking filler. Do you have a family member that is notoriously hard to buy presents for? Or a friend who constantly needs to replace their camping equipment? Maybe their hobbies include camping, fishing or gardening, or perhaps they’re a soft-top car enthusiast. Whatever their outdoor interest, Fabsil will protect it. From tents and bivvies to marine sails and garden furniture, Fabsil’s products can clean, protect and repair. So, why not watch them unbox a Fabsil Tent Care Kit this Christmas so they can protect their much-loved gear or whatever new outdoor equipment Santa has brought them?

However you choose to spend this month, make sure your December is defended with Fabsil.