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Keep your Garden Furniture Fabulous with Fabsil

Keep your Garden Furniture Fabulous with Fabsil

After a blustery, miserable winter, the sun is finally starting to peek through those grey clouds, reminding us that Spring is in full swing. For most of the UK, the recent bank holiday weekend was superb: the warm, sunny weather was a real treat that inspired plenty of BBQs and garden parties throughout the country. Parasols were erected, awnings were pulled down and garden furniture emerged from its hibernation to be hastily assembled in time for the Easter festivities.

From months of disuse, your garden furniture is going to need some attention. It is so easy for dirt to build up on the fabric of neglected outdoor equipment and that’s where Fabsil comes in. Now that summer is approaching, your outdoor furniture is going to be used quite a lot in the upcoming months and we’re here to make sure that it’s in the best condition it can possibly be.

Nobody wants a grimy gazebo or a shabby sun lounger, so use Fabsil’s Tent + Awning Cleaner to refresh and restore your garden furniture. This powerful, water-based cleaner is tough on dirt and odours, easily removing pollutants and musty smells whilst still being gentle on your furniture’s fabric. The Tent + Awning Cleaner’s formula is specifically designed to eradicate impurities from the surface of your fabrics, reviving any existing water-repellency.

This product is so simple to use and is suitable for all materials, including polyester, canvas and nylon. Merely brush off any loose dirt or dust, spray onto the areas you wish to clean and work in the formulation using a brush or sponge. Repeat this process if required, rinse thoroughly once clean and leave to dry. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to spruce up your garden accessories. But be warned: your fabulous furniture might just turn your guests and neighbours green with envy!

For a more targeted clean on delicate surfaces, use Fabsil’s Outdoor Wipes. Ideal for multi-surface use, these wipes are incredibly easy to use and eliminate built-up dirt from your outdoor furniture. The only thing to be wary of is that these will strip any existing water-repellency. However, with 15, 100% biodegradable wipes in a pack, the look of your garden accessories will be quickly renewed!

And if you really want to get the neighbours talking, you can follow this up by reproofing your garden equipment, as the Fabsil Tent + Awning Cleaner is the perfect product to prepare your furniture for reproofing. This will protect your garden accessories from the unstable British weather, enabling you to leave those items outside without worry of damage from winds and rain. We suggest you use Fabsil’s Universal Protector; the 400ml or 600ml spray can for smaller areas or the paint-on Universal Protector UV for larger surfaces. This easy-to-apply proofer will keep wet-weather worries away whilst also protecting from UV damage. So, why not get your garden BBQ-primed for summer with Fabsil? #fabsiladventure