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Discover Garden Adventures with Fabsil!

Discover Garden Adventures with Fabsil!

We know times are currently strange, the spring and summer plans you had have been either cancelled or postponed, and with all this sunny weather we've been having it's hard when you can't even #getoutside and go camping. Well, we have the solution – garden adventures!

Garden Campouts

Garden campouts are currently an amazing (and free) alternative to pitching up at a campsite, or heading out in your camper van and, mean you can go on an adventure whenever the mood takes.

Currently, we're loving the amount of original content we find on social with people creating their own garden campouts. From filling paddling pools to recreate the feel of camping by a river or stream, to creating music playlists and putting up fairy lights and signs to create that festival feeling, to adapted foraging the isolated way. We're loving how involved everyone has become with #activeisolation camping and all the ideas we're seeing and have definitely loved trying out a few of them ourselves.

Wild Camping

If it's wild camping you're missing, then you can lock the doors to your house and pretend that there are no amenities nearby.

We also love to hang out in our hammock (there are loads of them at great prices online currently) or get snuggled in our bivvy bags and sleep at one with nature, waking to the sound of birds who are chirpy about the start of a new day.

Great Games

We know that a lot of children have been disappointed about missing Sports Day and that one of the things people have missed most about camping is the on-site activities and games. So, why not fill your garden with giant garden games like Jenga, or we're currently loving these to interact with the whole family. You can also do treasure hunts in the garden, set up your own 'Outdoor Cinema', and when you go on local walks turn them into games of eye spy and set your family challenges of coming up with new (safe) games for each week.

Future-proofing Furniture

Now is the time to make sure that your garden furniture lasts. The past few months we've had glorious days of sunshine but then out of nowhere there have been days of constant downpour and, unfortunately, that's the unpredictability of #Britishweather. If you've spent your time in isolation getting your garden how you want, then the last thing you want to do is see it all turn to ruin with a thunderstorm and that's why we recommending 'future-proofing with Fabsil'.

By treating your furniture, parasols, gazebos, hammocks etc with Fabsil you're going to make sure that they last for years to come. With this lovely weather, you can allow the time needed for treated items to properly dry and you can ensure that, when the inevitable wet-weather comes, your garden accessories stay looking like-new for years to come. For ultimate protection for items that are regularly left out to face the elements we recommend using Fabsil Gold, which comes in various sizes and guarantees the ultimate protection.

Eager Explorer

For those of you who are just so desperate to get back camping for real and are counting down the days until staycations are possible and wild camping is allowed, then why not treat your tent to some much needed TLC? It's so easy to treat your tent with our Fabsil Tent Care Kit and means that your tent will be adventure-ready whenever the time comes and whatever the weather.

Remember, times are tough and limited but we're all in this together and we're here to help you turn any outdoor space into a safe #fabsiladventure!