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Keep your soft-top tip-top with Fabsil

Keep your soft-top tip-top with Fabsil

We're all a fan of convertible soft-top roofs, there's nothing better than driving around on a beautiful sunny day with the roof down and it's even comforting to listen to the patter of rain on the roof when out for a drive on a rainy day. However, cars aren't cheap and they're usually your pride of joy, therefore you want them to last. While we can't help with general mechanics, we can help with protection for your soft-top roof to keep it looking and performing its best for years to come.

Why proof your roof?

You want your car to maintain its appearance. It's your pride and joy. So, like with everything you love in life, you need to give it some care.

Maybe you want to continue to look the part behind the wheel driving your recently-purchased convertible, or you realise that you've not paid the time and attention your car needs to it of late or you have a classic car that you like to present at vintage car shows. Whatever your reason, it matters.

To keep your roof from leaking, you need to keep it protected with regular maintenance. If a roof isn't beading water off it, then that means that the water is soaking into the fabric which will ultimately cause mould, and leakage, which you definitely don't want. You'll also want, on those days where it's too hot to have the roof down, to protect your car from UV rays.

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How to protect your soft-top

You'll be pleased to know that it is ridiculously easy.

All you need is a well-ventilated area, a paint brush, a clean cloth and a can of Fabsil Universal Protector.

Then follow these simple steps to make sure your roof's ready for your next road trip:

  1. Ensure that your roof is clean and dry.

  2. Apply directly to the surface in long, even strokes.

  3. Wipe away any excess product with a clean cloth.

  4. Allow to completely dry completely before use.