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Fabsil at the Beach!

Fabsil at the Beach!

Everybody loves the beach – there is something for everyone. Whether that be nostalgic memories of sea-soaked family outings, sun-kissed romantic sunsets with your loved ones or sandy BBQs with friends, beach holidays are unbeatable. Sun, sea and sand castles will keep everyone entertained and, with the summer holidays fast approaching, day trips to the beach are on their way! However, we must be prepared for whatever the turbulent British weather throws our way; rain, sun or wind, Fabsil can protect your beach equipment from all eventualities.

We all know how unruly and mischievous the weather can be; we can have blazing sun in the morning and a windy downpour in the afternoon, so it is always wise to be prepared. Obviously, we would much prefer the sun to be shining down on us whilst frolicking in the sand but we won’t let a thunderstorm spoil our beach fun, will we? If you protect your beach tent with Fabsil Gold Universal Protector, we can guarantee that you and the family will be guarded against any unexpected showers.

If we’re lucky, our beach experience will be a sun-soaked break. However, we still need to prepare our beach equipment with Fabsil as harmful UV rays can easily penetrate through many materials, putting us at risk as we lounge in the shade of our gazebos and parasols. By treating your gear with Universal Protector UV, you are providing it with a UV-resistant coating, helping to keep you safe from the sun. This solution will also add essential water-repellency to defend you come rain or shine.

So, before you head to the beach this summer, ensure you’re properly prepared for all meteorological outcomes and use Fabsil to protect you and your gear against heavy rain, blistering sun and everything in between!