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Fabsil-Proof your New Year

Fabsil-Proof your New Year

It’s nearly the end of the year and we’re just about to take our first tentative steps into winter as today (21st Dec) is officially the start of the season. This Autumn has brought an abnormal amount of rain and has been unseasonably cold, even bringing snow to some parts of the country in early December. So hopefully you’ve already put your garden furniture and outdoor equipment away or have it safely covered to stop that nasty frost from wreaking havoc. Being familiar with the bizarre patterns of our mischievous British weather, we can almost guarantee that we are in for more cold spells over the next few months, with a powerful potential of snow and frost. Once Christmas is over, we’ll start to look towards the new year and all the upcoming adventures we’ve got planned.

Even though it might not seem like it now, the weather will be warm again and the days will get longer. Make sure you’re well-prepared for everything the new year has to offer, from family camping trips and days out in the soft-top convertible, to barbeques up the garden and excursions to the beach. Many of us will neglect our outdoor equipment over the next few months but now is the time to give them some Fabsil TLC.

Cleaning is a very important step in looking after our gear. Not only does it remove dirt and refresh our equipment but it also revives any existing water repellency and prepares the gear for reproofing. This is because, over time, dirt and dust build up on the surface, so, instead of repelling moisture, our equipment loses its durable water repellency (DWR). We want to avoid abandoning our gear for the winter months, leaving it shut up in the shed or confined to the garage. If we allow our equipment to gather dust, its performance is affected, so we want to check in on it sometime during the colder months and give it a good clean.

Fabsil’s Cleaning Range refreshes and removes stubborn stains from all kinds of outdoor equipment – from tents, awnings and rucksacks to soft tops, marine sails and garden furniture. Our Tent + Gear Cleaner is a sponge-on, water-based cleaner that will restore the appearance of your outdoor gear. Perfect for an all-over clean, Tent + Gear Cleaner is ideal for larger items, such as tents, soft-top car roofs and garden furniture, due to the method of application. To clean harder-to-reach areas, Fabsil’s Tent + Awning Cleaner is a spray-on, powerful solution that cleanses the dirt from tricky surfaces and less accessible areas, blasting dust away from the surface of your neglected gear and leaving them looking brand-new and refreshed. The spray application is also perfect for a targeted clean, so you can focus on particularly dirty areas of your gear.

Once your gear is clean and dry, you can reproof with Fabsil’s Protection Range. This will help to defend against the cold and damp as your equipment hibernates for the winter months, staving off any stains or mould that might occur during its time packed away. Fabsil Gold or Universal Protector are the best in the business for protecting your outdoor gear from stains and damp. Depending on the size of the item you’re reproofing, spray or paint on the proofers to ensure thorough coverage (spray on for smaller, targeted reproofs or paint on for larger items) and leave to dry completely.

It’s not just your gear you have to keep safe from winter’s biting ice, but yourself! Walking about on icy pavements, snowy paths and frosty lanes can be a slipping hazard and downright dangerous. To keep your feet firmly on the floor this winter, make sure you have a pair of Fabsil’s Ice Grips handy to prevent any frosty falls or chilly trips. With a design intended to create friction using studs and metal coils that dig into the ground, our Ice Grips offer superior traction in snow, ice and mud.

So, with winter around the corner, ensure your gear is ready for its long hibernation, ensuring it's clean and protected from dirt and damp so when the sun finally shines on us again, you’re ready for your next big adventure! Keep your equipment-related headaches at bay and give them the treatment they deserve; give them Fabsil.