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Fall for Autumn Camping

Fall for Autumn Camping

Camping doesn’t have to end with summer. Yes, admittedly, Autumn might bring a dip in temperature, however, it also ushers in a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colour, painting your favourite outdoor scenery with rustic reds, burnt oranges and earthy browns. Camping is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year, no matter the season, and Autumn is no exception. Immersing yourself in nature during the Autumn months offers a new perspective: your favourite outdoor spots are carpeted with fallen leaves, glistening with refreshing morning mists and illuminated by dazzling sunsets. The UK’s countryside is dense with ancient woodlands and rolling fields, with plenty of campsites nestled into the idyllic surroundings – perfect places to unwind after a day spent outdoors.

Average Autumn temperatures can fall between 10°C and 18°C, which sounds like ideal temperatures for outdoor pursuits. These temperatures mean you can push yourself further when hiking, cycling, climbing, etc. without fear of heat-related issues, such as heat stroke, so the mild, balmy conditions that Autumn brings can work in your favour. Waking up in a cool tent on a clear, crisp morning is a refreshing way to kickstart your day. Fall hits that sweet spot where it’s neither too hot nor too cold, the optimum conditions for camping! Autumn also provides longer nights, meaning better opportunities to head to rural campsites and star gaze. Also, what is an Autumn camping adventure without a campfire? (On sites where fires are permitted, of course.) There is nothing better than exchanging tales around a campfire on a long night to warm the cockles of your heart.

Increasingly short days can negatively impact many people’s mental health but reconnecting with the outdoors can help to directly combat these feelings. Autumn camping can be that pick-me-up you need to help you through the darker months. Get out of that Autumn-related slump and plan your camping adventure, soaking up some beautiful scenery and invigorating fresh air. Also, most campsites are off-season from September, making for a quieter – and often cheaper – retreat.

A successful Autumn camping escape requires preparation. We can easily get caught out by ever-changing weather and quick-changing light, so you don’t want to put yourself at risk of needing rescue. Ensure you take a double-skinned tent to protect you from seasonal showers and chilly evening temperatures. As long as the tent is tightly pegged down and secured with guy ropes, you can beat any blustery winds, sheltering you from anything Autumn throws your way. The guy ropes will help to avoid condensation inside the tent by separating the tent’s layers. Looking after your gear in between use is vital to its performance and when it does its job, it keeps you safe, warm and dry. We also recommend laying down a thick, quality tarp as an additional groundsheet to offer extra insulation, keeping you warmer. Ensure lanterns and torches with backup batteries are packed – the sun sets earlier in Autumn and rises later. You don’t want to get caught on a hill watching the sunset and then struggle to find your way back once the sun dips behind the horizon.

We love camping all year round, in all weathers and all seasons, whether pitching up at a campsite or opting for wild camping. As long as your gear is protected and up to scratch, an Autumnal chill or drizzle won’t stop you from getting out there and having the best #fabsiladventure.