New look packaging celebrating over 60 years of protection.

Fabsil's Brand New Look

Fabsil's Brand New Look

To mark our 60th anniversary, Fabsil’s had a facelift… and we’re not just referring to our brand-new website. We’re heading back to our blue roots with an exciting new rebrand that really makes our products pop! Fabsil’s new look is all about celebrating 60 years of protection, helping your outdoor gear perform to the best of its ability and extending your adventures. Fabsil have spent over six decades covering your cleaning and protection needs, looking after everything from your tents to garden furniture to car roofs and rucksacks and everything in between.

To mark 60 years (and to thank you, our loyal customers), we’ve spruced up our products, offering the same reliable protection with a sleeker, dynamic design. We’ve also added more handy information to our packaging so you can easily understand how Fabsil can support you and your care needs.

Fabsil has always been there for the adventurers, gardeners, car owners, sailors and everyone in between. Our multi-purpose and flexible solutions have kept you dry whilst extending the life of your gear. For over 60 years, our mission has always been the same; to prolong your adventures by keeping your gear lasting longer, preventing well-loved but perfectly usable equipment from ending up in landfill sites before its time.

Caring for your outdoor equipment is vital for several reasons. If your gear is waterproof, over time, it loses its durable water-repellent finish (DWR), causing the surface to absorb rather than repel water. This happens if you don’t regularly clean your gear, as dirt and dust settle, impairing the performance. Not only is cleaning and reproofing with Fabsil’s PFC-free solutions a sustainable alternative but it’s also being kind to your pocket as neglected, dirty tents and gear become ineffective, meaning you need to purchase brand new equipment. It also makes them look good.

With our fabulous new rebrand comes an increased focus on you, our wonderful customers, learning about your cleaning and reproofing habits and putting you at the centre of everything we do. Over the years, Fabsil has become synonymous with tent care – but we’re so much more than that. That is why we have devised our exciting new Fabsil Pillars, helping us to connect with and represent our customers and your diverse hobbies and interests. These four Pillars are: In the Hills, On the Road, In the Home and On the Water.

In the Hills

This is for the adventurers, the people who love to get outdoors and explore. Fabsil will keep your tents and camping gear protected from inclement weather, keeping you safe, warm and dry whether you’re camping with the family, or using a bivvy on the side of a mountain.

On the Road

Maybe you have a campervan or caravan with awnings or a soft-top convertible. A lot of us view our vehicles as our pride and joy and what better way to care for our precious, four-wheeled investments than by treating them to Fabsil? Convertible car roofs will not only be defended from the elements by Fabsil’s super-concentrated, powerful protectors but they’ll look clean, slick and ready to zoom off into the sunset (whilst protected from UV rays, of course).

In the Garden

If you take pride in your garden, Fabsil can help. From garden furniture to parasols and BBQ covers to hammocks, ensure your garden is the envy of the neighbourhood this summer.

On the Water

Ahoy, sailor! Calling all boaters, surfers, yachters, kayakers and water sports enthusiasts. Your equipment is special to you and it deserves to be kept in perfect condition, helping you bag trophies or enjoy a nice, lazy Sunday on deck. Fabsil can protect sails, boat covers, sailing tarps, hatch and engine covers and outdoor yacht furniture to name but a few, providing you with a more streamlined experience.

So whether you’re in the hills, on the road, in the garden or on the water, make it the adventure of a lifetime with the new and improved Fabsil – shielding you from rain, stains and UV rays for over 60 years.