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Event Season with Fabsil

Event Season with Fabsil

We Brits will take any excuse to have a party and now that summer is swiftly approaching, bringing warmer weather and sunny days our way, we’ll be making the most of it. Weddings or work dos, BBQs or birthdays, we still need to be prepared if the clouds turn up for the party. And even if the weather behaves, too long in the sun is harmful. Every great outdoor summer event requires some much-needed refuge from both summer rain and UV rays.

If you’re hosting a large celebration in your garden, local park, street or whatever destination you have planned, you’ll have to make sure you have the right kind of outdoor shelter to keep your guests comfortable. Maybe you’re hosting a ruby wedding anniversary party for your relatives, chipping in with a community fête or throwing a BBQ to show off your exquisitely mown lawn to your neighbours, whatever the occasion, problems can arise and you’ll need a handy solution to save the day. Fabsil can be that summer saviour, keeping both the drizzling rain and intense sun at bay. We’ve compiled a small list of potentially party-threatening scenarios and their Fabsil solutions.

Scenario #1

You’ve planned your perfect wedding: the tipis are all set up, the sun is shining and the party is about to begin. You look a little closer and realise that all the tipis are faded and the fabric looks thin, almost see-through. This erosion has not been caused by rain or wind but by UV rays. Long-term exposure to sun radiation will cause the material and colour of your tipis to break down, causing chemical reactions within the fibres and dye, creating thinning and fading. To prevent this from happening, use Universal Protector UV. By applying Universal Protector, you are providing your shelter with a UV-resistant coating, helping to keep you and your guests safe from the sun.  

Scenario #2

You’re prepping for a garden party and the heavens open in typical British fashion. Water begins to leak through your canvas gazebo and you notice a tear in the roof. You suspect the resident wood pigeon might have caused it. Rips and tears in seams and fabric will prevent your gazebo from being fit for purpose. What starts as seemingly small rips can grow with wear and under the weight of rain or strain from being pulled taut. When this happens, Fabsil’s Seam Sealer will repair the fabric, acting as a durable, waterproof sealant and will prevent a ‘hole in my bucket’ situation.

Scenario #3

It’s the day of summer fête tomorrow and the community is buzzing with anticipation. Inspired by Bake Off, all the neighbourhood children have been baking goodies to sell and make some money for the local charity. There have been weather warnings and the only available marquee is no longer waterproof. Your solution? Fabsil Gold. Suitable for all materials, including polyester, canvas and nylon, this easy-to-apply solution will stop water from ruining those freshly baked goods. The extra-concentrated solution is five times more powerful, meaning that the treated marquee will be waterproof for your next fête as well. The heavens might open but with Fabsil Gold, it won’t put a dampener on your day.

Scenario #4

You’ve invited the neighbours around for a BBQ. The weather is glorious, though your guests want to seek shelter under the shade of your parasol. They’re all enjoying their delicious burgers, hot dogs and veggie kebabs but one of your guests draws attention to the unsightly smattering of bird poo blighting the otherwise pristine parasol. (Again, you suspect the pigeon.) It’s enough to put them off their food. Luckily, this situation is easily avoidable. For a targeted clean, Fabsil’s Multi-Surface Outdoor Wipes will easily remove any annoying marks and blemishes on your outdoor equipment, so frustrating splodges of passing bird poo on the parasol will be a thing of the past. Each pack contains 15 biodegradable wipes that quickly restore the appearance of your gear and are so easy to use. If your garden gear requires an overall scrub, use Fabsil’s Universal Cleaner to refresh and restore. This sponge-on, water-based cleaner is tough on dirt and odours, removing grime and musty smells with ease.

This summer, you might be purchasing a brand-new gazebo or making the most of a canvas tent packed away in the garage, either way, you need to make sure they’re up to the task of shielding against rain and rays. When making sure your outdoor gear is in the best condition it can possibly be, Fabsil has got you covered.