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The Soft Top Saviour

The Soft Top Saviour

If you own a convertible car, it is most likely precious to you, and keeping your four-wheeled pride and joy clean and protected is vital. The UK weather is notoriously unpredictable: even summer can be soggy, meaning the months where the roof comes down can be few and far between. Therefore, the hood probably stays up for most of the year, descending briefly when the sun decides to grace us with its presence. From Jeep and Mini Cooper to Audi and BMW convertibles, your fabric or vinyl roof has got to be able to handle a whole lot of rain and wind whilst maintaining its appearance. And the only way it can keep up with the metal-roofed cars is through cleaning and reproofing with Fabsil.

When to Clean and Reproof

If your soft-top car doesn’t get a lot of use, you might think you won’t have to care for it as regularly as when in frequent use. However, this is not the case. When stationary for long periods, especially in dusty environments like garages, dust and dirt can build up, settling on the car roof. This grimy layer can adversely affect your hood’s ability to repel water, absorbing water rather than resisting it and no longer producing that lovely water beading we all love to see. A couple of tell-tale signs indicate it's time to give your soft top some TLC – primarily if it leaks when it rains. Condensation inside the car could also signal that your roof might need attention, along with the unpleasant smell of damp. Nobody wants to sit in a soggy, bad-smelling vehicle, so it's probably time to give your car roof the Fabsil treatment.

How to Clean

A car roof is quite a large surface to tackle, so Fabsil’s Universal Cleaner has got your back. Cleaning is a vital step in caring for your soft top as it prepares the fabric for reproofing; refreshing and removing dirt in the process. And what’s even better is that it’s so easy to use.

  1. Brush or wipe off any loose dirt.
  2. Dilute the cleaner as per bottle instructions.
  3. Apply liberally, using a clean cloth or soft brush.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Allow the treated material to completely dry before use.

How to Reproof

Once clean and completely dry, it’s time to reproof your roof. Get Fabsil Gold Universal Protector applied to that soft top to really seal the deal. Fabsil Gold is the perfect solution to protect your car roof as it’s highly concentrated, with five times the strength of a normal reproofer. Remember, your fabric or vinyl soft top has to work just as hard – if not harder – as its metal-roof counterparts, fending off battering rain and wind. A reproofer that offers super-concentrated protection is just what you need to keep your hood performing. It also protects against stains (so bird poo and bugs that meet their fateful ends on the hood of your car won’t leave a lasting mark). To apply, all you’ll need is a large, clean paintbrush (make sure there’s no lingering residual paint) and a clean cloth. We do recommend wearing gloves when applying this powerful treatment and cleaning any brushes used with a white spirit.

  1. Apply directly to clean fabric.
  2. Evenly apply all overusing a large paintbrush.
  3. Wipe away any excess product with a clean cloth.
  4. Allow to dry completely before use.

Soft Top Tips

To keep your soft top looking tip top for longer, it’s important to let your car roof completely dry between and after cleaning and reproofing. To do this, your car should be parked under a shelter, such as a carport or garage. If you don’t have this at your disposal, make sure you pick a dry day to treat your car when no rain is forecast – the roof mustn’t get wet before the treatment has had time to fully absorb into the soft top. Always reproof in a well-ventilated place – if inside a garage, open all windows and doors so the space gets a constant flow of air. Once dry and protected, your soft top’s Fabsil treatment will last a lot longer if you’re able to keep it covered when you’re not taking your car out for a spin. If you can’t store your car in a garage or carport, a thick tarpaulin or other heavy-duty waterproof material can be used to shield your car when it’s not in use. This will also protect it from settling dust and dirt.

With Fabsil products, you can maintain the look and performance of your convertible soft-top, keeping it clean and protected from inclement weather and stains. Cleaning and reproofing with Fabsil will strengthen your car roof, keeping you warm, dry and protected when out on the open road. This summer, enjoy endless hours in the convertible: winding around country lanes, feeling the breeze whip through your hair and making lasting memories. Make your soft-top road trip a #fabsiladventure.