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Staycation with Fabsil

Staycation with Fabsil

Things are beginning to return to normal (or a new version of normality) and, with people already enjoying the great outdoors (perhaps more than they did before the coronavirus pandemic), we’re sure you’re eagerly anticipating the reopening of campsites up and down the country.

Most of you reading this will already be aware of the great rewards you reap from taking a camping holiday, whether in the UK or abroad, but for some of you the pandemic may have piqued your interest in camping and you may find yourself wanting to be more in-touch with nature.

We know that the current situation is impacting international travel – but that may not be a bad thing at all! Spending a week away from your regular life in a different country is one of the best ways to wind down and ease stress but we truly believe that holidaying in this country, particularly a good camping holiday, is just as good if not better. You’re able to truly take in all of nature’s glory – a freedom which isn’t available when staying in a conventional hotel or bed and breakfast. Fortunately, campsites in England are reopening on 4th July – most of the UK Camping and Caravanning Club’s sites will be open from this date, with Haven sites due to reopen on 6th July and Centre Parcs Villages due to reopen on 12th July. Meaning we can finally get away from the stresses of everyday life with a nice relaxing break! Of course, the right tent is the make or break of a good camping holiday, especially in the unpredictable UK climate. So, if you’re dreaming of staycations these are some of the tents we recommend:

  • The Nova 300 3-Person Tent is simple to set up, packs away easily and its taped seams mean that the inside of the tent will stay dry (with proper care of course). The tension band system means it stands up to against strong winds, too.
  • For a slightly larger tent that can be easily inflated, you can’t find much better than the Berghaus Air 6 Tent. With its ventilated bedroom help to keep you cool, and the weatherproof outer to keep whatever the British weather throws at you in check, you can be rest assured that no weather will spoil your getaway!
  • The Zempire Aero TL Air Tent serves as a great family tent in all seasons. Two separate bedrooms, blackout walls and adaptable ventilation mean that up to 5 people can sleep soundly after a day’s adventuring. The sewn-in groundsheet keeps water, insects and dirt out ensuring a clean and comfortable experience.
  • VANGO Casa Lux 7 Person Family Tent – can sleep 7-8 people comfortably and pitches in 20 minutes. Features such as cable tidies, storage pockets and mesh doors make for a practical tent that appears homely. It comes with an expandable carry-bag which makes transporting and packing the tent away easy.
  • If you’re a solo camper then a smaller tent is perfect for you. The Jack Wolfskin Exolight I Tent is perfect for pitching up in most places as it requires very few pegs and offers enough room to store your boots and other equipment out of the rain, so wherever you want to rest up after a big hike, you know that the tent will remain sturdy.

Once you’ve taken the time to select your perfect tent, we recommend you treat it before its first outing to protect it against rain and UV damage. Luckily, this isn’t a complicated process and our Tent Care Kit has everything you need to ensure you’re adventure-ready.

We hope that this blog has helped those of you with top tips for planning your next staycation. We’d always advise to check the website of the campsite you plan to visit or phone in advance as nothing is guaranteed at the moment – much like the unpredictable weather. Please remember to remain vigilant, always keep hand sanitiser with you and continue to observe social distancing measures. Most of all though remember to enjoy your getaway, stay safe and make it a Fabsil adventure!